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You all know him as Eddie the PR Goon, Eddie the Promoter, Eddie the MC. I know him as Eddie the multidimensional entrepreneur that is continuously evolving. I met Eddie for the first time about a year ago and I’ve watched the steady increase in his brand growth. He has been able to simultaneously build both his Personal, and Company brand, and that’s very admirable. The guy is a Legend! Tell us about I-Blend Services ?  Since 2005, iBlend Services has been working with companies to build strong brands, which

Our #MommyMogul for this week is Bukky Karibi-Whyte, Founder and CEO of Bobby Taylor Company. Bukky studied African American History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and spent her years in college on the Deans List and the ALANA Honors Society. Bukky worked in the educational sector for about 7 years before starting up her own Public Relations agency.  She is currently owns two agencies in Nigeria and his happily married with 3 children. What was the first business you

Together with my friend and CEO of Gr8an, Akinlabi Akinbulumo aka. Mr Phisha, we recently launched The Octagon – a platform aimed at cataloguing insightful conversations between people involved in business or running high impact projects. Each of these conversations happen with eight people who have been preselected and brought together into a room. The pre-selection criteria of the eight octagon guests are based either on area of expertise or simply their ability to share opinions on a particular subject matter. These conversations are first held within closed rooms and then

When people ask me for advice, I usually keep it simple with the following: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to start again. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Don’t be afraid to not be liked. Don’t be afraid to be broke. Don’t be afraid that they’ll call your idea silly. Above all, Don’t be afraid to TRY. (Definitely an #AhdoraSpeaks Moment Here) I’m a big fan of Richard Branson and his way of telling things as they are. He’s not afraid to look like an

My favorite part of global sporting events isn’t the competition itself. It’s the Advertisements. Yes I’m random like that. Superbowl Ad’s are probably the most exciting ones, followed by the Olympics ads. If you’re an AD Junkie like me, and you haven’t seen the Nike Unlimited Ad’s, you need to quickly rectify. To determine the most effective TV spots of the Olympics, Google tracked the top 12 brands with ads that aired during NBC’s broadcasts by length and frequency, including Coca-Cola, Nike and BMW. Collectively, the ads generated 3.5 billion

I came across this article by Vinay Jain (on 99U). It’s a great read! If you’re like most creatives, dealing with contracts is one of your least favorite tasks, a dreadful but necessary part of business life.  It doesn’t help that many contracts seem to have been written in language from the 1800s that was designed to confuse more than clarify. The good news is, you can overcome your apprehension about contracts with the right mindset and a few handy tips. Let’s start by debunking a common misperception: that the point

  Scrolling through Social Media, when I see #PlottingAndScheming, I’m usually excited, like ‘Ah! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to.’  In some cases, the result that follows is usually more exciting than the plot. In other cases, I see #PlottingAndScheming multiple times with no result/follow up on the ‘plotting’ – If you’re my friend, I am definitely going to side eye you! We are a generation of ‘Plotters’ and ‘Schemers’, and I’m honestly tired of it. I should mind my own business – ‘face front’ as they call

If I had to pick one word to describe Neku, it would be – BRAVE.  Her journey is super inspiring, and I was pretty excited to do this interview, and share her story with my network. Neku Atawodi is the founder of equity crowdfunding platform, Malaik. She spent most of her life playing professional polo for brands, having played in over 22 cities. She returned to Nigeria in 2010, where her tech adventure began after she designed and implemented the bar code file tracking system for the Nigerian Ministry of Federal

Bolaji Kekere Ekun is a Visual Content Producer, Film maker, Rapper (yes! yes!), and all round brilliant guy, with a passion for promoting Urban and African Culture and Lifestyle through whatever content he creates. I have been friends with BJ Kex (as I call him) for about 9 years now, and he’s one of the people whose work I respect – primarily in terms of authenticity. Bolaji continues to produce work that disrupts the creative space, and he’s not afraid to go out of his comfort zone to make magic

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