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Our #MommyMogul for this week is Bukky Karibi-Whyte, Founder and CEO of Bobby Taylor Company. Bukky studied African American History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and spent her years in college on the Deans List and the ALANA Honors Society. Bukky worked in the educational sector for about 7 years before starting up her own Public Relations agency.  She is currently owns two agencies in Nigeria and his happily married with 3 children. What was the first business you

The Food! The Food! The Food! Nothing could ever be better than the feeling you get when you take that first bite of the most juicy, most spicy, most delicious piece of suya…pure bliss. I consider myself a relatively well traveled person who enjoys cuisine from all over the world. I definitely appreciate a good Thai Curry, Jamaican Oxtail Stew, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp or some Peruvian Ceviche…but in my opinion Banga soup (palm-nut soup to the uninitiated) would win the battle against any of these delicacies on any day. The Vibrancy Of

I have known Ifeoma since I was at least 5 years old. We grew up together. As a child, Ifeoma was a fashionista — she was that kid that always looked fresh, dressed nicely, and had white baby powder on her face. lol. Fast Forward to twenty something years later, She runs her own professional styling company, and has worked on major fashion and TV productions like Ebony life TV’s EL Runway Season 2, Africa Magic’s  ‘Jara’ and ‘Star gist’, as well as multiple ad campaigns.  Ifeoma did an amazing job

Too often, I am questioned about being able to balance Entrepreneurship and MommyHood. It’s not the easiest job really, but I do it, and so do many other moms.Being a working mom does not mean that our family isn’t our first priority. So, I’ve started #MommyMogulSeries as a spin off from my Entrepreneur Interviews. My first #MommyMogul for this series is an amazing woman who juggles motherhood/familyhood, school, and running successful businesses. Bolanle Williams Olley more popularly known as @Bolakrafts is the Founder of BeauBelle Africa, an African Infused –

Jump, but stay strapped. Last year I went skydiving in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It was everything! Thrilling, exhilarating; it was 14,000ft. of intense madness nothing beforehand prepared me for. For a first jump you have to be strapped to an instructor, so you obviously don’t kill yourself. I think life is like that skydive. The biggest risks give unimaginable rewards, but just like I was strapped to an instructor, you’ll have to take calculated risks, and have a plan just in case something doesn’t go right. In other words, jump, but

When I say that my generation inspires me, I mean it in the most sincere way possible. Every day, a new idea is born, and even with all the challenges and constraints doing business in this environment, we aren’t afraid to try. Shola Ladoja’s story is one that gets me excited every time, not because of the amazing things he has accomplished with his brand, but because of the brilliant things he is yet to bring to fruition – the potential of his business is enormous, and he is continuously

A native to the 5 boroughs of New York City, Dani brings almost 2 decades of extensive knowledge and experience from both the fine art and fashion industries to her business. Her creative talent stems from a background in fine art painting, drawing, and installation as well as years of working in theater, painting sets and designing makeup. Dani created her company The Body of Art in 2005 to satisfy the need of clients who wanted a one stop shop of eclectic, artistic high fashion creative makeup installations for their

I have known Emeka or Onyenwe as I call him,  for many years, and one of the things I admire most about his work ethic is his resilience and focus on projects he launches. Emeka merges creativity with business practicality to efficiently turn his ideas into reality. He is the Founder and CEO of JumpSpace Communications, a company started in 2012 as a digital playground for his ideas in the tech ecosystem. JumpSpace builds software services, and also works with foreign and local clients to push their technology services in the

If there’s one thing will always do, it’s KEEP IT REAL. I think there are not enough honest stories being told, and some people get caught up reading half-truths and beating themselves up for not being as ‘amazing’ as other people. So, I decided that any interviews and stories that I feature on the blog will have to be Honest, even where it shows insecurities, frustrations, challenges, or doubts. A friend of mine just graduated from Film School (Congrats Uche!), and I caught up with her to discuss some

From Lagos to London, Joshua Ajitena stays bringing out the best in people. He’s one of those people with unassuming looks – you think he’s quiet, and then he opens his mouth and you feel this great energy filled with positivity and love. The guy is Half Man, Half Amazing. I caught up with him for a quick interview (Well .. not really quick).