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Today, I’m sharing an Article that I wrote and published in The Guardian a few month’s ago. I hope you enjoy it. Multipotentiality can be defined as “An educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals. Because gifted students generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices.”  (Wikipedia) As a kid, when you’re asked what you want to be when you grow up,

GET READY FOR THAT ONE FAMILY MEMBER WHO DOESN’T APPROVE. Most artists I’ve met including myself have almost similar stories growing up as little kids and wanting to become professional artists in future, but there’s always this one person that will strongly disapprove of this choice. In my case, a very close family friend played this ‘role’ perfectly. I visited his family one Sunday afternoon to say ‘hi’ to the new born baby, and while I enjoyed the delicious plate of white rice & stew his wife prepared, I never forgot his exact

Be Present


Pay attention, when someone is speaking, when you’re at a lecture, when you’re reading something, when you’re watching a TV show, Pay Attention. You do people a great disservice when you’re not actively listening to what they’re telling you. Imagine that someone has spent hours working on material that they want to share with you, and they know that these are lessons that will positively impact your life. When they finally get the chance to speak with you, you’re not actively listening, and perhaps your default response to them is

Hmmm… where do I start? I can’t do justice to this question without going back in time. The horses: My love for horses pulled me into this game. This love for horses started when I was a child. I was the boy who was always in line for horse riding during funfairs and picnics. However, my first “permanent” encounter with horses was at age 8. Our neighbors had just got someone to teach them horse riding twice a week, and I nagged my parents into paying for the lessons for

Why is this DOTW titled ‘Smarties & Hedgehogs?Well…#BecauseBlogTitlesAreMoreDifficultToConstructThanTheBlogPostItself Here are some of my latest discoveries: Jon Bellion: I recently discovered this lovely musician with a message. Jonathan Bellion is an American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper. He is currently signed to Visionary Music Group and Capitol Records. He also provided vocals for the 2015 EDM song “Beautiful Now” by Zedd as well as writing the chorus to The Monster by Rihanna ft. Eminem. His debut album The Human Condition was released on June 10, 2016. It debuted at number 5 on the

While everyone is stuck on Teyana Taylor’s performance at the VMA’s, I am drooling over Alicia Keys, and her #NoMakeUp Face, not because I think Make up is a bad thing, but because I’m happy that she’s staying true to herself.  I actually don’t think her not wearing make up has as much to do with Bravery as it has to do with making choices and sticking it out. This applies to life in general – when you make a choice that you strongly believe in (as long as it’s not harmful

Be Grateful. What you appreciate…appreciates. What you focus on grows. It is easy to focus on all the things that haven’t happened in your life, and forget all the brilliant things that HAVE happened. At the start of each year, I write down all the things I planned to do the previous year, and what I actually accomplished. The aim is not to beat myself up for what wasn’t done, but to be thankful for what was done, and look at how to improve in the coming year. Even if

My favorite part of global sporting events isn’t the competition itself. It’s the Advertisements. Yes I’m random like that. Superbowl Ad’s are probably the most exciting ones, followed by the Olympics ads. If you’re an AD Junkie like me, and you haven’t seen the Nike Unlimited Ad’s, you need to quickly rectify. To determine the most effective TV spots of the Olympics, Google tracked the top 12 brands with ads that aired during NBC’s broadcasts by length and frequency, including Coca-Cola, Nike and BMW. Collectively, the ads generated 3.5 billion

I haven’t updated my blog in a while, not because I’m busy or are unable to write – as a matter of fact, I am writing more these days. The real reason I haven’t posted an update, is because I’m working on something that I want to share with the world.  My thoughts were that when I finally get around to sharing this ‘thing’, I’d then start to blog more consistently. However, this week has been filled with so much beauty, that I am breaking my own plan. How can

I came across this article by Vinay Jain (on 99U). It’s a great read! If you’re like most creatives, dealing with contracts is one of your least favorite tasks, a dreadful but necessary part of business life.  It doesn’t help that many contracts seem to have been written in language from the 1800s that was designed to confuse more than clarify. The good news is, you can overcome your apprehension about contracts with the right mindset and a few handy tips. Let’s start by debunking a common misperception: that the point

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