My name is Adaora Mbelu-Dania. I’m a creative industrialist with a passion for creating, and innovating. I started Ahdora.com as a platform to share inspiration and help build dreams, which is what I love to do. I want to celebrate the many unsung heroes that are adding value to the society every day, but don’t necessarily walk the red carpet. I don’t believe that Money or popularity is the only measurement of success, so I love to follow the genuine stories of passion driven people – in my eyes, they are the real MVPs of success. If you can wake up and action your dream, in spite of the many challenges the world throws at you, then you’re my hero.

Most of my posts will be spontaneous, as they are a result of my creative spurts. When I’m not being a Nerd, I spend my time listening to music, scribbling in my notebook, or moderating a game night. (Still Nerdy behavior).

The things that make me happy are simple – Family, Friends, Positive Energy in general.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I hope I can inspire you in some way.

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