Hmmm… where do I start? I can’t do justice to this question without going back in time. The horses: My love for horses pulled me into this game. This love for horses started when I was a child. I was the boy who was always in line for horse riding during funfairs and picnics. However, my first “permanent” encounter with horses was at age 8. Our neighbors had just got someone to teach them horse riding twice a week, and I nagged my parents into paying for the lessons for

Leslie is a wife and mother of two young children with a Masters degree in Marketing & Management from the University of Bradford, UK. She is also an alumni of Howard University, Washington DC and Atlantic Hall Secondary School, Lagos. Prior to setting up L’Okoye Cosmetics, Leslie was a research consultant for the African Development Bank, Tunisia.  Tell Us About CookieSkin CookieSkin® is on a quest to change the concept/idea/meaning of ‘good skin’ amongst women with skin of color. We believe that no matter your origin or complexion you can

You probably heard that nothing worthwhile comes easy, as an entrepreneur experience has taught me that. I started my photography journey a few years ago, Yes with those cameras, back in the days of film photography. It was hard being a rookie with a film or analog camera. I remember vividly how I lost tons of money using the same setting for outdoor shoot and shooting with the same setting indoor. There was no LCD to ‘Chimp’ (Chimping is a colloquial term used in digital photography to describe the habit

Why is this DOTW titled ‘Smarties & Hedgehogs?Well…#BecauseBlogTitlesAreMoreDifficultToConstructThanTheBlogPostItself Here are some of my latest discoveries: Jon Bellion: I recently discovered this lovely musician with a message. Jonathan Bellion is an American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper. He is currently signed to Visionary Music Group and Capitol Records. He also provided vocals for the 2015 EDM song “Beautiful Now” by Zedd as well as writing the chorus to The Monster by Rihanna ft. Eminem. His debut album The Human Condition was released on June 10, 2016. It debuted at number 5 on the

Visions Of The Future


I recently discovered ‘Festim Toshi’ (probably an Alias), and they had a Fashion piece tagged “Visions Of The Future”. Insanely cool stuff. The sort of creativity that has you thinking “Naija Fashion Designers, na wa for una O!”. We definitely have brilliant fashion designers in our beautiful country, but… where’s the creativity on the runway? I tried to pair each of the looks with a quote that resonates. If you’re as random as me, you’ll enjoy scrolling through. If not, I’m sorry, click on a different post. “Life can only

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