Be Present


Pay attention, when someone is speaking, when you’re at a lecture, when you’re reading something, when you’re watching a TV show, Pay Attention. You do people a great disservice when you’re not actively listening to what they’re telling you.

Imagine that someone has spent hours working on material that they want to share with you, and they know that these are lessons that will positively impact your life. When they finally get the chance to speak with you, you’re not actively listening, and perhaps your default response to them is ‘Nice’, or ‘Cool’. You have just missed an opportunity to discuss something potentially progressive. You have just missed the opportunity to show someone that you care about what they’re doing.

Over the next few weeks, take some time to have active conversations with people, and you will be surprised at the number of important lessons you’ve missed out on, because you’re constantly allowing your mind to wander off into distant spaces all the time.

Learn to be Present.


Adaora is a Creative Industrialist, and Entrepreneur. Seating with her legs folded monk-style, Adaora's ever-present headphones dangle from side-to-side as she rapidly brings to life her newest ideas. This is her in her element, when she effortlessly focuses energy in dreaming up the next project that will better the lives of the people around her. Occasionally, though sometimes often, Adaora is distracted by the vibrations of her inseparable companion - Her Phone. Her experience with project management, and community service are strong assets that she uses to inspire the world, one person at a time.

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