Bright Light, Dreamterpreter, Purpose Driver


my name is adaora mbelu …

I am a Bright Light, Dreamterpreter, and Purpose Driver. I am also the author of “This Thing Called Purpose”, a book that helps people understand the true essence of living with and through purpose. As a brand developer, I have worked on projects with several multinational companies, SME’s, and individuals over the past few years. Prior to brand development, I worked as content director on the United Nations World Tourism Organization Conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards, and International Conference On Peace & Security. I was also the project manager for Freemantle Licensed TV Shows, Nigerian Idol and Nigeria’s Got Talent, where I managed the business, brand, and production of the shows. I have worked in the sports industry as Corporate Communications Manager for OSMI during the 2010 World Cup managing all communications on the broadcast rights for Nigeria.

Prior to moving to Nigeria, I was a Credit Analyst at Citigroup, where I received awards for organizational efficiency and team spirit. In 2017, I was mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “11 Africans that are changing the business landscape in Africa.” I was also Nominated in the “Entrepreneur Of The Year” and “Prize For Media Enterprise” Categories of the Future Awards Africa. I have been featured among Nigeria’s Under 40 CEO’s, and Top 30 Under 30, and most recently my Alumni university’s magazine “The Northern”.

Aside from my academic and professional work, I have a super-passion for community development. I am a co-founder at Socially Africa (@sociallyafrica), a foundation that gives back to the community through several initiatives.

One of my philosophies is the importance of living a purpose driven life, and using as many of my gifts as possible. As a result, I find several mediums to express my purpose. I run a mentorship group called “The Dreamterpreters Mentorship Group”, and love to teach and share experiences via my community. I am a Poet, and Rapper, who expresses herself through a part of me that I call LUMINA. I also recently co-produced and acted in a TV series called “Truth”. Two things you should do after reading this - Follow me on Instagram @ahdora.lumina, and subscribe to my newsletter, LUMINATION.




This Thing Called Purpose

This Thing Called Purpose is a book that helps people understand the true essence of living with and through purpose. Everything I address in this book are things that I wish were addressed by the books I have read in my lifetime. Most books motivate you to fly and be successful, but they don’t tell you that in order to do all of that greatness, you have to first strip the layers you’re carrying.

This book is designed to help you unlearn some of the things you have allowed into your heart and mind, strip yourself fully of the junk, and then move confidently in your purpose. I share more about this thing called purpose - what I know about it, how I have learned to trust it, and how it guides everything I do. In some chapters, I make reference to biblical stories, and spirituality. There was an initial concern that non-christians may be unable to relate to some of these references, however, it is my hope that regardless of your religious beliefs, the acknowledgement that there is a higher spirit will suffice in understanding the scriptural references provided.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that God will never take anything away from you without the intention of replacing it with something better. Better is relative. What is good for you, is different from what is good for another. It doesn’t mean that what you had was bad, it just means that there is better for you. Sometimes, we think that pruning means that what we cut off must be bad. No. Pruning requires cutting off what will not allow you grow. In many cases, it will be things that you are sentimental about, and have grown to love. After all that I have been through, it has become easier for me to trust God. I know that He is always working even when I can’t see it. Faith is not I’ll see it, when I believe it. Faith is I’ll believe it, and then I’ll see it. I believe it’s impossible to talk about purpose, without addressing faith. In my experience, faith has been the runway on which the plane of purpose takes off and lands. When you’re piloting a dream, it is faith that screams “land here, I’ve got you. Just land!”. It is faith that screams “your engine has been checked, and you’re good for take off. I’ve got you. Take off now!”. Faith is everything when it comes to the fulfillment of purpose.

Purpose is not a joy ride, it comes with great responsibility and there are moments that won’t be the best for you. But because of you, it will be the best for someone else. Purpose is not just about your “Why” - Why am I doing this ?”, it is also about your “Who”- Who will benefit from this ? Purpose will push you to exist in situations and places that you ordinarily wouldn’t.

I hope you enjoy reading this book, and that it guides your way to light up the world!


Part I: Find Your Gift

Chapter 1 - I Am
Chapter 2 - Unlearn
Chapter 3 - Traction: Define your extraordinary
Chapter 4 - Abandon Comparison

Chapter 5 - Who are you not to ? 

Chapter 6 - Embrace your uniqueness
Chapter 7 - Stop hustling, start doing
Chapter 8 - Let go of perfectionism
Chapter 9 - Energy is the new currency
Chapter 10 - Execute in the physical, Amplify with digital

Part II: Accept Your Gift

Chapter 1 - Who are you taking ?
Chapter 2 - Time is a great storyteller
Chapter 3 - The trap of the pedestal
Chapter 4 - Show your working

Chapter 5 - Impostor Syndrome

Chapter 6 - Contentment does not come from upward mobility Chapter 7 - Small things Chapter 8 - Do more than is expected Chapter 9 - It is not your cause
Chapter 10 - Radical downsizing: Detachment

Part III: Use Your Gift

Chapter 1 - Mission field
Chapter 2 - Stop trying to be God, just be yourself for God
Chapter 3 - Stretch I: Do something you never thought you could do Chapter 4 - Stretch II: 10,000 hours is not enough

Chapter 5 - Declare your dream

Chapter 6 - What other people think of you is not your business Chapter 7 - Transactional vs Transformational giving
Chapter 8 - Stop analyzing, just pray
Chapter 9 - You are light
Chapter 10 - So, what is my purpose ?