Choose your environment.

In the past, when I would hear people that Inspire about the importance of Environment, I automatically assumed that they were referring to my physical location. I felt like I was in the wrong country. In fact, at some point I stopped doing work here. I knew that I was made to do great work in the world, and that Nigeria was hampering my progress. . ."Your passion must be in an environment that allows for your growth"....I now understand this differently. What it really means is that you must create and curate a sphere that works for you. Your faith, the people who surround you, the media you consume, the material you read, etc. Your purpose and passion can only thrive in the right environment. A friend of mine was travelling and I said to her "make sure you enjoy all the stuff you don't get to do in Nigeria." She responded, "I pretty much get to do everything I want in Nigeria. I've curated my life in such a way that I can carry my lifestyle wherever. I'm not limited by my physical location". It was really the first time I'd heard anyone share this thought especially where Nigeria was concerned. But I understood it clearly. .

Your environment is what you choose to surround yourself with. My year is dedicated to manifestation and abundance. So, I've surrounded myself with material, media, people that share this mindset. The conversations I have about faith are mostly with open minded people. I am asking questions, and finding answers beyond religion. I am knowing God for who He is, and the Universe He created. I am dissecting the Bible with newly gifted wisdom vs previous programming. It feels like a whole new me and whole new life emerging. The power of curating your environment is underrated.

Adaora Mbelu