Deal with your challenges

The easiest way to live a non fulfilling life is to use other people's problems as the yardstick to measure your life. I once read a message that said "You may be in the hospital with an inflamed appendix, lying next to a person with an amputated leg. His leg does not automatically take away the pain in your appendix." Many times, people use the situation of others as an excuse not to fix their challenge. Eg. "My spouse is not healthy for me, but in comparison to others, they are really good." . "I need to lose this weight, but at least I'm not as big as Abigail". "I keep watching porn, but thankfully I'm not as addicted as Yemi. His own is too much". "I know how to hold my liquor better than Adam". "I may be poor at handling finances, but at least I'm not broke like Izu". It goes on and on. .

We count our blessings in comparison to others. I can't count the number of people who told me that my marriage challenges were nothing, in comparison to others. "Adaora, do you know what people are going through ?". And they were right. I definitely had an ah-mazing marriage in comparison to others that I know. Yes. But was it for me though ? No. .

In life, I believe that it's important to address challenges, independent of what happens in other people's lives. The door handle at your house may not be as broken as your neighbors, but it doesn't change the fact that it is broken and requires fixing. Fix it. .

Having challenges is not a competition/contest. If its broke, sort it. Don't worry about whether Funmi or Yinka have it worse. This is not how you show gratitude to God. When you say to God, "Other people have it worse than me, so...thank you". Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how that comes across ? People (that God carefully created for a purpose) are suffering in Sudan, but Thank God (Creator) we don't have it here in Nigeria. If I were God, and I heard this...I'd scatter your life to let you learn the lesson. (But thank God I'm not Him). I don't think God is happy when we do this. Stop it. Just Thank God without the comparison part.

Adaora Mbelu