Friendship is a choice.

One of the amazing lessons I've learned from experience is that the people you surround yourself with, can make or mar the actualization of your vision. .

As a kid, I grew up playing football almost everyday. We would start with Cap 1 and Cap 2, and each captain would pick their players. Everyone had a different way of picking. Some people just picked the strongest players, or the roughest guys. But I would pick a balanced team. My definition of "Best" was dependent on my vision for how I wanted to play. There were people who were strong players yes, but who would never pass the ball because they just wanted to keep scoring on their own. I wouldn't pick them, as they would demoralize my team. There were people who I knew were underestimated because they were quiet, so...nobody expected them to score any goals, I'd pick them. There were people who I knew would still cheer the team even if we lost a game. There were people who would decide they're not playing at all because someone on the team was insulted or assaulted. There was trust, there was skill, there was integrity, there was honesty, there was vision, there was spirit. Yes, we all gathered on the same field and knew each other from living in the same environment and interacting in other games we played...However, when we hit the field...It was all about who you picked to play. I still operate the same way in my adult life. We can all play together, but we have to consciously pick each other, and always remember why we did. I have built my best relationships this way. I don't take anyone for granted. I allow things progress naturally, but with some level of intention. .

Friendship is a choice. You can hinge your relationships on chances, but when you go to war, chances do not suffice. Identify who you're doing life with, and be intentional about building those relationships. .

Adaora Mbelu