I can’t give what I would like to. But I will give something.

About 8 years ago, there was a guy that used to sit at the same spot on a street near where I lived. I would take time out to chat with him, give him money and items needed. I did this for about a year and a half. When things became tough financially and I couldn't give as much as I wanted to, I would drive past a different street to avoid him. I felt really bad that I couldn't do much for him anymore, and I didn't want to have to see him every day. The solution was for me to completely avoid that route. When things were finally stable for me, I went to look for him and he was gone. It made me very sad. 

There are times when you avoid someone or something because you can't do much for them. You don't want to visit your family often, because your hope was that by now you would have bought your parents a house. You don't want to see your friend who lost someone close, because you cannot give them what you would like to. You avoid your employees, because you know they deserve more, but you cannot afford more. You keep running away from everything and everyone, telling yourself that you have good intentions and that you will return when you've "hammered" - in your mind, "hammering" will make up for absence. You tell yourself that you will call them when you're "better settled". 

Let me talk to you real quick...

1. You're telling yourself very dangerous lies. Most people will remember your absence, regardless of how well you do in the future. You cannot buy everyone. 

2. You may not be able to give what you wish or intend, but you can give something - your time, your kindness, your listening ears, advice. 

3. God didn't put you on earth to be full of intention. He checks your actions. 

4. I pray you don't lose the opportunity to tell and show people how much you care about them...because you're trying to "hammer" (make money) first. 

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