It's not aligned with my current rhythm.

In the past month, I have declined several media interviews and speaking engagements. Why ? Well...mostly because they were not aligned with the rhythm for my current season. Nice opportunities yes, but not aligned with the wave that I'm riding. One of the last email responses I sent out said, "Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate you considering me for this opportunity. However, I will have to decline as the opportunity isn't in line with my plans for the first half of this year." 

As you progress on your life’s journey, you will receive several invitations and offers to show up and show out. Learn to choose them just as much as they choose you. I ask myself certain questions, "Will I be speaking about a subject matter that is in line with my current mission?", "Does this interview add value to my God given mission ?", "Is this invitation simply going to massage my ego ?". Yes, I want to use as many platform opportunities to share my God given light and create impactful moments. My heart lights up when someone reaches out to me to be a part of a media or speaking opportunity. I am very appreciative of the consideration given to me. But ... I must also be wise not to jump at every opportunity that comes. I have learned to identify, understand, and respect seasons. I have learned that the attention that comes from my gifts is not a measurement of success. The impact that comes from my anointing is what matters to God. Because gifts and talents are great to have and they gather attention, but Gods anointing doesn't always gather attention, it is focused on solving problems and breaking yokes. It isn't always the coolest thing in the game or popular culture, and so it doesn't always have media knocking at your door. 

Don't be afraid to miss opportunities. If it's God given, it will never be constrained to time. The exact situation may not be offered again, but a situation that fulfills the same objective will come.

Adaora Mbelu