I've changed my mind about them.

You know that one person you didn't really like before ? Or that person that you've always thought didn't produce great work ? When you find out that they are a nice person, or that they are actually great at their work, don't be afraid to admit that you were wrong. If people say you are fake because you now hang out with the person you previously didn't like...let them know that you're not fake. You've changed your mind, and that's okay. Over the past few months, I listened to people argue their hearts out for political candidates that they no longer believe wholeheartedly in. However, because they are known to be associated with these people, they had to stick to their guns on their previous decisions. This is one of the most painful things for anyone to go through - knowing that you've changed your mind, but you have to pretend. .

Listen...We are humans. Many times we are guided by perceptions, and hear say. We are quick to judge and assume things about people. Until we interact with them and realize that our former view has done a 360. But then we become afraid....afraid to tell people that we now feel differently. Many people are losing out on great relationships for fear of what people will say. 

If you've ever been in a relationship, you must know how it feels to pass on some food, and then when the other person is eating, you're super hungry but ashamed to say you want the food. Better state your case and grub your food o! .

I was speaking with a friend yesterday, and had asked why a previous interview we recorded last year, had not been used. He gave a valid reason, and I mentioned to him that I asked because I'm evolving every day and it sometimes comes with changing opinions. Hence, something that I filmed last year, may no longer be representative of me. He kindly offered to let me watch it again before it goes up, this way I can see if there's anything I would like to change. For as long as you live, you are evolving - unless you're stone. If something changes, it's okay. Just let everyone know it's changed!

Adaora Mbelu