Procrastination is scamming you using "consistency" as the cover

On my self awareness journey, I've been cautious about clarifying context. If I don't understand something, I search for clarity/ask questions. This has helped me not to be presumptuous with the content I digest. I am intentional about protecting my programming. There are so many messages these days talking to us about consistency, and these messages can be a hindrance. For instance, I used to think that I couldn't just put out 1 thing as an expression of my gifts, and be done. I had to continue. For example, making a video, meant that I had to make 5 videos. I viewed consistency in terms of quantity. It didn't help that some of my favorite people have 500+ podcasts, 300+ videos, and what not. How do you create such large quantity ? (Oh I've answered this now - Funding). Lol. I digress. Here's an example - Some people may ask me to do keep doing #TodayAt5am in April, and it's okay for me to say..NOPE. I'm done with my 30 days. Now, this is not an excuse for you to start looking for the one thing to create - A Multi expressive person like me would never promote that. But here's the shackle I want you to break..

First, Context : To be consistent means to act or do in the same way over time. To be continuous means forming an whole; without interruption. You don't have to create quantity - the thought is stopping you from expressing. If you put out one song, you feel like you have to do an album ? if you record 10 podcasts, you feel like you have to keep recording for the rest of your life ? And you've already got out what you needed to get out, so, its tiring to think that you have to be continuous ? I feel you. Just start, and continue till the particular expression extinguishes. The consistency is not in the quantity, it is in the heart of what you do. This goes back to what I teach about purpose - it is your philosophical heartbeat, the underlying reason behind the various expressions. That's what should be consistent. Stop letting perfectionism and procrastination scam you in the name of consistency. 

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