Stop running.

YOU. YES YOU. Stop running. Whenever I share a message on Instagram, I imagine that there are some people who deeply resonate with and appreciate the message, but have concluded that it is not for them. The people who say, "This sounds really great, but I don't think I am a King or any of these things that you're sharing about. I'm a learner". I know this because I have had conversations with people who I can see greatness in, but who have given into the fear that they cannot pursue this journey that they see. The people who don't share because they believe they have nothing worth sharing about. The people who attribute their challenges to family background. The people who are gifted, but spend a lot of time googling mental disorders and convincing themselves that the symptoms they read matches their situation. The people who Google "How to become a better speaker", and then convince themselves that they will never sound that good. The people who tell themselves that everyone who is doing great work, didn't get there by merit. The people who scoff at posts like mine, screenshot it and send to someone to say "this one has come again." 

Stop running from your greatness and giving yourself all the excuses and reasons why it cannot be you. God made you in His image, for His purpose - If you understand this, you know that every single person carries a piece of a large puzzle. You exist because God needs you to perform a task or two or three or more. 

It is tough to do a 360 overnight. But...I want you to take Baby Steps. Today, just make a list of the things you want to do, and what you believe is stopping you from achieving them - the hard truth. I want you to speak to each of those challenges every day for the next 3-4 weeks. Let them know that they won't stop you, because you will be taking active steps to overcome them. You may look silly talking to a piece of paper, but this is important. Do this every morning! When you speak, you send signals to your mind that you acknowledge the issues and that you are going to work on them. Action does nothing if your mind is working against you. You have to work on your mind. Baby Steps. 

Adaora Mbelu