Stop waiting for extraordinary opportunities. This is it !

Many of you are waiting for extraordinary opportunities and missing out on your training. Your vision of the post-wilderness experience is "I go Hammer". First of all, "wilderness" is not a synonym for financial challenges. And the "promise land" is not a synonym for money. I believe it is blasphemous to equate such a spiritually insightful experience to money matters. Don't do it. It's important for me to clarify this. 

Re: Opportunities - You want to film your own show, and you need funds for production. See this Instagram App we are on ? It's your real world. You want to write a book ? Start sharing. You want to minister and share about God ? Stop waiting for an opportunity on a physical stage, the world is your stage. You want to start an NGO, volunteer with other organizations. What are you doing with the "small" opportunities ? Many people view social media as "training and testing ground". Social media is the real world. Once you get on it, you're dealing with peoples lives. The training and test is what you do every day. There's nothing like "I'll test on Instagram first".

The reason you give up when the first few attempts don't work out, is because you have the wrong mindset. You're distracted by responses. Back in the day, people produced content and products that they put out in the market. Feedback was not immediate, and so, it would require time to determine how that product was doing. These days, you put out something and the seemingly poor feedback deters you from continuing. Several years ago, I remember a friend of mine putting out some of his tracks out on YouTube with little traction gained. Fast forward to 2019, he's a popular artist because someone discovered a track from 2010. You have to get your stuff out. When you sit on it, it helps no one. 

The "small" opportunities will lead to the Extraordinary opportunities.

Adaora Mbelu