The Big gift is in the smallest parcel.

As a kid, I remember how people would show up to weddings with large wrapped gifts, and we would think they had to be rich people to be giving the biggest gift. Imagine my surprise in my teenage years, when I found out that the large gifts were usually a large stainless steel pot, or a plastic cooler. The small gifts that we ignored were actually the more valuable gifts. .

Fast forward to adult life... I see many people busy chasing the biggest gift in the pile, only to find out that it's a plastic cooler. The million dollar cheque is in the small parcel, but we often miss that. Gift can refer to people, places, things, and even talents that God gives us. Sometimes, people focus so much energy on one talent with the hope that it's the one that will help them "blow". Eg. The artist that only works on their art, without nurturing any other gifts. Or the musician that only makes music, and ignores all their other talents. Meanwhile, there's a seemingly small talent they have, that is waiting to be expressed. Some people have decided that there are people in their life that must lead them to the promised land, and they've picked the people who have money/connections. Many people nurture only the relationships that they believe are "strategic" - the ones they plan to Milk. Thereby, objectifying and putting pressure on their relationships. .

Be diligent with every responsibility given to you. You may think it's small or unimportant, but someone else will take that responsibility and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Life is a series of tests. Many people fail the tests that will move them into the next level of their lives, because they don't understand that Big things can come in small packages. Be Diligent. Be Genuine. Be Respectful. Treat "small things" with care. .

Adaora Mbelu