Trust yourself more

I need to share this for someone. As a business owner, one of the insecurities I have experienced in the past are peoples assumptions about the skills of a “creative” person. My academic background is in Economics and Business, and over the years I have managed other peoples businesses. In business, my primary gift is visioning, and my primary skills are operations and finding the value/money in any business, product, or platform. Being both creative and analytical, has allowed me build several businesses for people. Yet, when I would have challenges within my business, the advice I’d get from people around me was “Maybe you should let someone else do the business side.” It was the strangest thing for me to hear, because I’m confident about my skills, and also have a track record of building businesses — this advice would mostly come from people who have hardly done one successful transaction. After much pressure, I yielded and looked for people who can be this “business side” — I can write a book on the experiences from trying that out. Let’s just say I wasted plenty time, money and mental energy to find out that I still do a better job than said people. I’m still paying for the damage.

Dear Entrepreneur, you may need to unlearn what it means to “Build a sustainable business”, especially if you’re building something unique, but are measuring by other peoples standards. When you hit a challenge on your journey, everyone will show up to offer advice. Understand first that these people mostly mean well. But keep in mind that people only speak from their understanding and many times assumptions. It will upset you because you know your journey better.

1. Listen to advice. Listen, because it’s important. You don’t have to take it though.

2. Ride all the motions of business — good and bad. Because it’s only by riding the waves that you really grow.

3. Remember that you can be doing everything right, and still not getting the desired results you envision…YET (Keyword). Commit and then give yourself time. Time is a great storyteller.

Adaora Mbelu