A Compendium Of Creativity
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Where it all began

Growing up was interesting for me. My family background provided diversity of thought. My parents are from different racial and cultural backgrounds, and this provided an opportunity for me to understand diversity very early in life. Hence, I keep a very open mind, and this allows me to forge relationships with people without bias for their backgrounds. I consider myself more open minded than many people. Iím also the last child, and only girl in my family, hence, I built confidence and strength really early in life.

What is it about the creatives that endears you?

I try to stay away from the tag of ìCreativeî vs ìNon creativeî. I believe that everyone is born with some level of creativity. Some people are just more. I focus primarily on teaching people how to harness this creativity to solve problems, and produce great work. The understanding that creativity can be used to solve problems is what truly endears me. Hence, I am super passionate about the results, and not so much the idea.

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Adaora Mbelu