‘I’ve always been interested in helping people become best versions of themselves’

Go, Girl! is a woman empowerment event created by and for women which aims to bring together women with diverse stories to sit, think, talk and learn from each other. Created by Workstation in partnership with Guardian Woman, women gather monthly at Workstation Bar Beach, a co-working space in Victoria Island, to share their experiences in a safe space dedicated to them. Each month, we highlight a woman making strides in her career to learn the good and bad of her journey. This month, we featured Adaora Mbelu-Dania, Director of Trellis Group, and Founder of Socially Africa. Adaora has a lovely story to share as she shared her tips for working in the strategy consulting industry, her love for helping others and advice to women struggling with life and career choices.

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The Strategy Consulting industry is known to be highly demanding. How do you cope with challenges?
Everything in life comes with various challenges – even the superheroes in the movies have to fight people, and even their own emotional struggles.  I have my fair share of challenges, especially as I work on the client side, but also manage operations. I am continuously dealing with solving people’s problems, and that sometimes means fully immersing myself in understanding the problem first, before I try to solve. I have learned to focus on the objectives, and not worry about the Fluff – there is so much fluff in the consultancy world. The most important thing to me is generating results, everything else is secondary. 

What inspired the idea of Socially Africa?
In 2015, my co-founders and I had discussion around the importance of giving back to the community, and the concern that many young people are waiting till they have millions and consider themselves financially successful, before they start to engage in community development. We decided not to sit and complain, but to take actionable steps to rallying people together to solve some of the problems we had identified in our communities. We want to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond chasing the next job, or working to feed our families. We started investing funds from our businesses into community development projects. In three years, we have executed one of our projects “Art For A Cause” in 15 schools across Nigeria, impacting over 8,000 kids. We’ve also run our code classes for teenagers, teaching basic programming to 80 teens. We have given out 1,000 Love Boxes, Hosted two food drives, and launched our volunteer platform, The Amber Circle. Socially Africa is more than an NGO, we are a movement teaching young people how to give back. 

What are the three key things you can’t work without?
Positive Energy. Clarity Of Objective.A Good Team..

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Adaora Mbelu